Bolshakov Alexey教授学术报告——Epitaxial nanowires as a versatile semiconductor device platform



Bolshakov Alexey

Moscow Institute of Physics and TechnologyRussia






报告题目:Epitaxial nanowires as a versatile semiconductor device platform



Nanostructures with low dimensions have proven to be highly effective light emitters due to spatial restrictions in both photonic and electronic aspects. Semiconductor nanowires (NWs) are a key example of nanostructures used in creating nanophotonic components. NWs offer the ability to manipulate their crystallinity and chemical composition in both vertical (axial heterostructures) and horizontal (core-shell heterostructures) directions, providing growth techniques not possible with other structural geometries. GaP is an interesting semiconductor material due to its optical properties, remaining largely lossless throughout the visible and infrared ranges and being optically dense. We discuss unique photonic phenomena observed when using GaP-based NWs. These phenomena open intriguing avenues for integrated photonic circuitry promoting development of nanoscale waveguides, cavities, sources and photonic logic. We highlight the achievement of directional in-plane output of the 2D material photoluminescence and its remote optical excitation with an aid of GaP nanowire. This offers possibilities for increasing the efficiency of photoluminescence in 2D TMDC materials through integration with dielectric nanostructures and basic photonic circuitry.